Dentures serve as a removable replacement for teeth and we can design them to replace some, or even all of your teeth. Over time, we take for granted those simple pleasures of life such as eating and talking. However, missing teeth can not only make those things more difficult than they should be, they also affect your appearance. Facial muscles begin to sag where there are no teeth, making you appear older. If you have lost several or most of your natural teeth, our San Jose, CA dental practice can return your smile to its former brilliance.

Complete Dentures

In the event that a patient comes to us having lost all their teeth, we recommend a complete denture. Complete dentures are constructed of resin or metal, or even both and can either be “conventional” or “immediate” which we’ll explain further in just a moment.

san jose dentures

Partial Dentures

If you still have some of your natural teeth, a partial denture can serve as a removable replacement for the missing teeth and fill in any gaps in your smile. We attach the replacement teeth to a gum-colored plastic base which is supported by either metal clasps or precision attachments. Precision attachments are almost invisible and therefore more aesthetic.

partial denture

Your options: Conventional Dentures Vs Immediate Dentures

If we replace all of your natural teeth with a complete denture, you can either opt for a conventional denture or an immediate denture. What’s the difference?

Conventional dentures are placed after about 8 – 12 weeks, in order to allow your gums the time they need to fully heal.

Immediate dentures are created in advance and are placed as soon as your teeth are removed. The main advantage of immediate dentures is that you won’t have to spend weeks without teeth, as your gums heal. However, as gums and bones shrink over time, as they heal, immediate dentures almost always need adjustments in order to fit properly as your gums recover.

This is why we generally recommend immediate dentures only as a short term solution, whilst you await the completion of your conventional dentures.

Recovery Period

If we are required to extract some or all of your remaining natural teeth before placing the denture, it may take 4 weeks or longer for your gums to fully heal. Bear in mind, it usually takes 8 – 12 weeks for us to create your denture. Once we have placed your dentures, you will be able to speak within a few hours, although you may experience some discomfort while chewing your food. Within a few days or weeks, your tongue and muscles will adapt and more easily hold your dentures in place.

To decrease the discomfort as you get used to your dentures, eat soft foods.

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